Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another "fagdag" done

We once again had another "fagdag" yesterday, and I went away really pleased. The contents was good, but more than that, the discussions are really fruitful. I think we have some good things going there..

It was on a Saturday, so it didn't last into eternity, but here's what was covered if anyone cares:

  • Code Quality

  • Claims-based identity

  • Project demo: xxx Silverlight


  • Testing legacy code

  • Microsoft ORM Futures: Entity Framework V1/2, LINQ To SQL (lightning talk)

  • Windows Powershell (lightning talk)

  • Parallell computing in .NET 4.0/VS2010 (lightning talk)

  • Ninject (lightning talk)

  • XAML Power Toys (lightning talk)

  • Onion Architecture (lightning talk)

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