Friday, January 16, 2009

Interesting Software Resources: Domain Driven Design Quickly

If you haven't had time to get into any literature about Domain Driven Design yet, InfoQ has created a free online short version of the Domain Driven Design bible which is well worth the time.


Order the book now, and read the resource until you get it. This is ESSENTIAL.


Why it is needed, an except:

Is it possible to create complex banking software without good domain knowledge? No way. Never. Who knows banking? The software architect? No. He just uses the bank to keep his money safe and available when he needs them. The software analyst? Not really. He knows to analyze a given topic, when he is given all the necessary ingredients. The developer? Forget it. Who then? The bankers, of course. The banking system is very well understood by the people inside, by their specialists. They know all the details, all the catches, all the possible issues, all the rules. This is where we should always start: the domain.

When we begin a software project, we should focus on the domain it is operating in. The entire purpose of the software is to enhance a specific domain. To be able to do that, the software has to fit harmoniously with the domain it has been created for. Otherwise it will introduce strain into the domain, provoking malfunction, damage, and even wreak chaos.

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