Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NNUG: Tonight's meeting

Jimmy Nilsson and Tore Vestues was the speakers on todays NNUG-meeting.

Jimmy Nilsson is most known for having written "Applying Domain Driven Design and Patterns", one of the few good books on DDD, as well as having a practical focus on for instance TDD. Jimmy was nice enough to speak for us tonight after having held a LEAP course today. I haven't heard him live before, but if you can say anything about Jimmy, besides being very skilled, is that he is a really nice guy to listen to. Good stuff :) For those that missed it, his speech "En ny era för dataåtkomst?" (A new era of data access) took on the history and general approaches about data access, as well as more general info about TDD. Please remind me that we must have a topic with a more close look at the data access options soon.

Tore Vestues had a speech about about Code Quality. (In the interest of full disclosure: we are colleagues.) The speech was well worth the time, and the topic should be on the absolute top of your list of priorities.

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